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Women’s dresses trends in 2019 spring and summer,those who are late, elegant, stylish people can not miss!

Dress is an indispensable item for the Goddess. Today, the retro style has never been so popular. Under the influence of the retro fashion, the silhouette of the dress is also closed to the elegant, delicate and independent feeling. Typical court bud sleeves, elegant square collars, fluffy skirts, and cascading cake skirts are the focus of 19 spring and summer clothing design. Let us take the modern society’s unique aesthetic angle of view, walk into the 50-60’s, experience for a long time the retro-ancient customs and customs bar!

【Elegant understanding of V-collar】

V inverted triangle design, position in the most appropriate depth, not excessive exaggeration, slightly sexy, more delicate, intellectual, elegant and charming.

【Vintage Square Neck】

Square collar design, compared with V-collar, more bone sense, collar line smooth, so that the beauty of collarbone more vivid display.

【Ultra-fine shoulder strap hanging dress】

This extremely thin shoulder strap and light chiffon combine to create the light touch and the sense of fracture, showing the tenacity and lightness of the girl’s feelings.

【Oversized lapel】

The ultra-neckline design can well cover the shoulder, creating a full visual sense of the shoulders for a slightly narrower girl on the shoulder.

【Girdle dress】

Ring-collar design, add hollowed embroidery decoration, lotus leaf folding, bow tie outline, decorative pleated design on the front collar, create a delicate and beautiful shoulder sense.

【Flower bract sleeve】

The design of flower bud cuffs, whether with square collar, small button shirt collar, or intellectual beauty V-collar, or small collar, brings a strong sense of retro. With gauze fabric, the feeling of fresh summer is created all the time.

【Exaggerated lantern sleeve】

Different from the previous design of lantern sleeves, 19 spring and summer lantern sleeve design more exaggerated and large. More like the shape of the flower, with a small piece of Yukov decoration design, will become the new focus of desig.

【Bundle waist high waist line】

High waist design, mostly using yarn fabric, flexible cable laying technology and arc design, can well hide a little extra weight on the stomach.

【Gauze-type Tiered Skirt】

Tiered skirt in soft yarn fabric, v slightly penetrating yarn design, cascade lotus leaf edge, a good display of women’s sweet and sexy.

How Long Will It Take To Create Your Own Fashion Style From Zero?

Have you studied your wardrobe? Do you want to have your own style of dressing? How long will it take to create a style of yourself?

Love Mix&Match, and also like shopping.
But always feel that something is missing?
Also know what is suitable for others may not suitable for yourself.
But don’t know what style is right for you?

Faced with a lot of clothes but don’t know how to match?
Well, your wardrobe is asking you,
What is your dress style?
Can you make your look be eye-catching and make people be impressed?

If you can’t answer, it’s better to let everything go to zero
Create a dress style from zero.

Week 1-2

Know Yorself

The most important first step is to know yourself.

Before you have a certain self-style, you must first know yourself. To know what you were in the past, and what style you want to make yourself in the future.

First of all, you need to spend about two weeks to take photos of your daily wear. Attention, it is your usual daily wear, take photos of what you worn before in daily life, no need to spend time on matching.

After two weeks, look back on your daily looks and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which look do you like/dislike most in the past two weeks, and why?
  • Do yo satisfied with your looks in the past two weeks? Give each look a point from 1-10.
  • Describe your recent dress style with three adjectives.
  • List the colors you wear most often in the past two weeks. Are think about are these colors suitable for you? Do you buy it often?
  • Which type of clothing do you wear most often, and what are the reasons for wearing them?

When you have a basic impression of your wardrobe and everyday wear, we can move on to the second step.

Week 3

Find a style icon

Pick out your favorite items from your wardrobe, and items that satisfied your expectations. Write down your favorite style.

For the matching and items that you are not satisfied with, please find out the reasons. Write down the matching skills you want to improve. For example, how to look slim? What to wear in work days?

And them, according to your own needs, look for a style icon that suits your expectations. At this step, you don’t need too many complicated matching skills, use basic items to show your own fashion style.

Valentine’s Day Perfect Couple Matching Couple Blogger On INS & Their Outfits (Ⅲ)


INS: @ bonpon511

The old Japanese couple who love couple matching, have personally announced to the world that your everyday will be Valentine’s day if you have a good lover. And they have never been separated since they met each other at school, have been with each other for 39 years.

Unlike other elder people always share food or travel photos on Ins. They especially like to show their couple matching outfits. Every day they spend some time on wearing a couple matching outfits, really add a lot of fun and warmth to life.

Their clothes are not expensive but comfortable, all of them are classic versatile items, the looks are quiet eye-catching and fashionable. All the details are full of love.

The old couple prefers stripe, plaid, solid and other elements. Simple and brief but not miss the sense of fashion. In fact, If you don’t know how to wear, the classic items will not go wrong.

They have been wearing couple matching outfits for nearly 40 years, and we still could get some inspiration from their wearing. Regardless of boys and girls, most people are suitable for these looks. With no need to spend too much time on matching, you can wear like these when you go to work or date.

Valentine’s Day Perfect Couple Matching Couple Blogger On INS & Their Outfits (Ⅰ)

When it comes to winter, in addition to the beautiful first snow, the most worth looking forward to is the festival. The Western Valentine’s Day, which follows the New Year, brings a romantic feeling to the season of late winter and early spring.

On February 14th, not only will there be endless love between couples, but also people who are ready to express their confession and those who are looking forward to being loved, this day has given them different special meanings. Are you also secretly preparing to make some small surprises?

So, now you need a guide about what to wear on Valentine’s Day appointment~ Prepare early and pick carefully. Here, I recommend these ins bloggers of several couples, let’s get some fashion ideas from their couple matching outfits~


INS: @hael_kk @k.suxx

The Korean style is so fresh that we can use it directly as a reference. This pair of couples from South Korea hael&K, the style is simple and bright, so that will give people a good feeling.

Jeans with pure color sweaters and sports shoes, the whole look is simple and comfortable.

The matching of girl’s wear is sweater with skirt, which is very easy to learn and gives a feeling of warm and lazy. Boy’s jacket has a same color with girls wearing, the color matching is black & pink, quiet eye catching and classic.

My most favorite look is this one, which is suitable for the end of winter and early spring.
Long windbreaker and slim sweater, with black bottoms, create a casual feeling, not only suitable for daily commuting, but also for holiday dating.

You can also wear a silk scarf or other items to increase the detail. Add some elegance to the look.

In the suit outfits, you should avoid too formal and dull.
The bottom can choose denim jeans, and the inner you can use some stripe or print elements, because the solid color will be a little boring.
Some stripe and print elements will add more fashion style to the matching.

Do Not Miss The Suits To Be A “Trend Setter”

Suits have always been a must-have for men, they show gentleman’s attitude and handsome. But is the suit really only suitable for men?

Yves Saint Laurent’s founder Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Chanel has liberated women, and I have made women more powerful.” So, there is a neutral style smoking suit for women.

Of course, smoking suit is more than just a combination of black suits and white shirts, but I have to admit that suits are no longer exclusive to men. Slowly, the suit walked from the office to Fashion Week, and create a trend by fashion icons.

As an entry-level player in suits, choosing black, white or grey is probably not easy to make mistakes. These colors don’t require matching skills and are very friendly to any skin colors. You can easily wear it casually and neatly.

Suits have a strong brief style, girls who like neutral style have to try it.

With the changing trend of fashion, camel has become another classic color after black, white and grey, especially in autumn and winter, camel has become a favorite color of many girls.

Unlike the cool feeling of black and white, the camel suit is more elegant and easier to wear.

Of course, if the basic color system can’t satisfy your fashion needs, the colorful color suits must not be missed!

Completely break the stereotyped and boring impression of the suit, and let you become the street fashion icon in minutes.

With the resurgence of the retro style, the plaid has once again become a hot element in the fashion circle, and of course suits will use this element.

The plaid suit both has the feeling of vintage and stylish, is quiet eye-catching.

Plaid suits are easier to match than solid colors. The addition of the plaid can easily erase the dullness of the suit and make the whole look lively.

And suits can not only be matched with pants but also dress, which is why I think everyone should have a suit for your wardrobe.

How To Wear A Good Spring Look? These Looks Are Fashionable And Energetic.

Spring is a very energetic season, and everything is reviving. In such a season, people should wear energetic , so how to wear fashionable and energetic? Here are some classic outfits for the spring:

First, the skirt with leather clothing

In the early spring, the temperature is not very high, so you still need to wear a jacket. It is very suitable to choose a leather clothing for your spring jacket. The feeling that girls wear leather clothes is very energetic and very youthful. And some girls wearing leather clothes will be boyish, this time you can wear a mid-length dress, so that you can neutralize the
neutral feeling, add some girlish, more youthful and lively.

Second, the coat with jeans

How can you miss coats in spring? Coat is a favorite item for many girls in spring.
The most classic color of coats are camel and black, which give a very brief and elegant feeling, and very suitable for spring. You can match a camel or black coat with a pair of blue jeans, the overall look will be stylish and elegant, making people look more energetic and more youthful.

Third, jeans with a small suit

This is a very suitable match for women in the workplace in spring. The fashionable jeans are matched with the small suits, give people the feeling that they are very capable and very energetic, and also give people a mature feeling. It will be more stylish If you can match a pair of high heels

Fourth, jeans with sweater

Knitwear is a popular item, and it is very suitable for spring wear. Wearing a knitwear will give you a kind feeling, and with a pair of jeans, the whole look will add some vitality, making people more youthful and fashionable.

Your Closet Needs These Two Dresses In Winter

  • Knit Dress

The first to introduce is the knit dress, which is definitely a beautiful and warm must-have in the winter. And the unique feeling of knitting can make you look very elegance.

One Piece like this is really convenient to wear when you have no time to match clothes.

Knit dress with coat can also create a perfect overlook, very stylish, also suitable for official occasions.

You can choose a short jacket to stretching the leg length visually, let the body proportion look perfect.

Brighten up your winter look with knit dress of bright colors.

If you are a little fat, the two-piece knit dress is even thinner.

It is recommended that the style of this pleated big hem dress, looks flowy and flatering

If you want to wear a fashionable look, you can pay attention on the design of the knit dress. For example, you can choose a knit dress with ruffled, slit, stripe, falbala or off-shoulder design. Help you be a fashion icon.

  • Print Dress

A floral printed dress can make you romantic and poetic.
The fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia loves it, and she create a variety of styles with floral print dress.

Different colors of printed dresses give different feelings:
Beige is elegant, pink is sweet, and black is vintage……
The blue print dress can be matched with a coat of base colors, decorate your winter with romance.

In addition to flower prints, you can also choose an abstract print that is more stylish and cool.

The hit color of the printed dress and the jacket makes the winter become fashionable and energetic, which is very eye-catching.

In fact, the printed skirt can be matched with various types of jackets, such as down jackets and suits, which can make you fashionable easily.

Jeanne Damas – Representative of French Romance And Confidence

Jeanne Damas is a fashion blogger from Paris, France, and is one of the hottest fashion bloggers. Jeanne Damas’s casual, romantic and natural style is very fascinating.

She is not the beauty face of the current aesthetic, nor does she have a perfect body, but she has acquired fashion by relying on her own self-confidence, elegance and freedom of dressing.

People who have seen Jeanne Damas will be deeply attracted to her.
The slightly messy and unmodified mid-length hair is always filled with careless laziness but reveals the self-confidence and freedom from the bones.
Even the picture that is not blurred, this sense of casualness and freedom is very fascinating, this should be what every girl looks forward to.

Jeanne Damas has here own brand Rouje, and Rouje is completely Jeanne Damas’ own style.

Jeanne Damas doesn’t wear big names. She likes floral skirts, micro-bar jeans, vests, etc. This kind of item that can perfectly show the curves and charm of women, so that her confidence is infected and affects others. She also likes the basket. and rattan shoes, these natural and comfortable accessories.

Jeanne Damas incorporates her “images” into Rouje, which she considers to be the encounter and collision between sophistication sobre and sensualité assumée.

Rouje not only reveals Jeanne Damas’ own life and consciousness, but also shows the fashion of Paris, or old Paris: vests, mini skirts, floral skirts, micro-bar jeans… these are the memories of the Parisian symbols.

And for the creation and success of Rouje, Jeanne Damas is very grateful to herself and pays tribute to all the women who inspired her. She said:

——”I am surrounded by a lot of strong and feminine women: my mother, sister, aunt, friends. I am immersed in the charm that they can hold from simple details. For example, a gait, a way of speaking, a gesture, or a way of dressing.”

At the same time, Jeanne Damas also launched the book Livre A Paris by her friend Lauren Bastide.

The book mainly depicts Parisian women, portraits of Parisian women, their behavior, elegance, spirit and their definition of elegance.

Let’s take a closer look at Jeanne Damas’s outfit and her Rouje, and feel the collision between Jeanne Damas and Paris in the next page~

This Item, Makes You More Fashionable

When it comes to accessory, there is one thing that is amazing. Even if your wear is boring, it can make you look stylish immediately.

Yes, it is scarves.
Missing the scarves? You really missed too much beauty.

Ins fashion blogger Jenny Walton is particularly good at it.
Using scarves to match the overall look, could add a lot of points. In fact, we can get some ideas in these three pictures: The color of the scarves echo the color of the clothes.

The headband and shoes on the left picture, the scarf and file pocket in the middle, the scarf and skirt on the right, are all in the same color, to make the overall look more subtle and refined.
This kind of matching can be used for reference~

Scarves can have a lot of matching ideas.
Blazer and V-neck inside, the silk scarf can be a good embellishment.
In fact, you can find that the color of these two scarves echo some part of the clothes, so that the whole look is harmonious and fashionable.

Beret, striped shirt with silk scarf
This look has some French style, in which the silk scarf has a great effect.

If your collocation skills are weak, then the basic blouse with scarf will help you. For example, a black T-shirt or a bottoming shirt with any color silk scarf will not go wrong, but will become a highlight of the whole look.

White shirt, also one of the choices with no difficulty to match, plus the silk scarves to make the look more chic.

More inspiration see next page.

Winter Wear Color Guide (Ⅱ)

5.Deep Green + Black

Black has great inclusiveness, can match with various colors.
And it looks elegant with dark green.

Long deep green coat with black bottoming shirt.
Create a calm and stylish look in minutes.

6.Caramel Color + Earth Color

The caramel color and the earth color are both warm colors and similar.
Paired together, like syrup and milk tea, it is harmonious, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling.

Generally, the inner and outer are selected to be deep and shallow.
This look is the inner chooses dark caramel color, and the jacket chooses a lighter earth color (camel), the overall look is free and easy.

7.Cherry Blossom Pink + Denim Blue

Light and fresh cherry blossom pink looks sweet, denim blue is quiet and cool, giving people a feeling of relaxation, quiet and pleasure.

These two colors are combined to make the look sweet and elegant, and also casual and comfortable.

8.Oats Color + Black

Oats Color is a combination of light camel, light gray and white.

Matched with black
Use a deep inner and shallow outer rules to create a minimalist and elegant style of dressing.

Make the whole look gentle and stylish.