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Blessed in the bucket! 5 tips to bid farewell to the bucket waist

How do you wear the bucket waist? Don’t feel that you can only lose weight with weight loss. Now let’s talk about how to wear a good figure! Come and have a look!

It’s not hard to find that many girls just cover their bodies when they wear them, instead of daring to wear their own advantages. Let’s teach you to wear a good way today!

Manufacturing waist line

The first point is the importance of the waistline. You can compare the style of putting the clothes into the pants and releasing them as usual. It is really a difference between long legs and broken legs.

So the first point to hide the bucket waist is to create a waistline and move the stomach up. This will not only cover the waist of the bucket but also the long legs.

High waist

The high-waist style is also very important, so the practice is that the waist will cover the position of the waist, revealing that our upper body is not sexy! It’s really a small waist and it’s a sight.

At this time, everyone can choose the short shirt they like to wear, don’t be afraid to show their own bucket waist, you can also modify your body proportion, super easy to use!

H version dress

The h-shaped dress is a gospel for the o-shaped girl, and the pear-shaped body is mostly with a bucket waist, so this time the h-shaped dress is a must-have item.

Bib pants

The design of the bib is generally looser in the first half of the life, and the high waist design can tighten your stomach, so this time with a shirt is very good.

Of course, we still choose some straps that are directly designed by the straps. They can wear a more sophisticated style, which is the best item for office workers.


The jumpsuit can be said to directly combine the above advantages. This year’s popular style is relatively loose. Just pair it with a pair of comfortable sports shoes, you are the trend of the street!

If you feel that this kind of collocation is nothing new, you can also use jewelry to embellish the taste, like a good-looking pocket to bring out the hip-hop tide!