The earthy Polo shirt “turns over”, encounters a skirt with a different style, and the atmosphere is refreshing.

In the sweltering summer, Xiao Bian believes that most of the little fairies have a common pursuit: that is how to wear it when it is cool! Want to cool a summer, the skirt is undoubtedly the center, sweet and salty. When it comes to the Polo shirt that was once spit, the earthy Polo shirt “turns over” and encounters a skirt with a different style, and the atmosphere is refreshing.

Summer weight loss career can not be delayed, it is better to try the black tie, slimming more than a little bit! Pick black Polo shirt, encounter a different style of silver-gray pleated skirt, the atmosphere is refreshing, quietly wearing a gentle lady. Put the Polo shirt into the pleated skirt and create a high waistline in minutes, which is very embarrassing. With silver high-heeled sandals on the feet, it shows a tall figure, is your heart moving?

Summer is the season of love, how can you reduce the girl powder? Peach pink earthy Polo shirt “big turn”, casually plunged into the black short skirt, to meet your girl’s heart, with a touch of temperament, the atmosphere is refreshing. Slippers with bows are even more icing on the cake, with style and wind, and full vitality.

The stripe element is enduring, and the visually thin effect is not normal, making people shine. Get black and white striped Polo shirt, encounter a different style of white denim skirt, with a little fresh and refreshing in the succinct, to create a retro vitality, and the atmosphere is refreshing. The irregular cut of the white denim skirt, the fashion is still not reduced, but it adds a little sexy. Stepping on the red and white striped high-heeled sandals on the feet, echoing the Polo shirt, the beauty is outstanding, have you learned?

The white earthen Polo shirt “big turn”, encountering a different style of printed umbrella skirt, a sense of elegance, the beauty is just right. Put a white Polo shirt into the print skirt, increase the waistline and add a touch of knowledge, create a fashion lady, let you stand out in the crowd.

The plaid elements are timeless and are favored by fashion. Mint green plaid earthen Polo shirt “big turn”, touched black and white plaid skirt, can not hide the elegance, the atmosphere is refreshing. The presence of lemon yellow high-heeled shoes, eye-catching and eye-catching, is not only a little bit higher, let you become an 18-year-old girl, and the rate of returning is soaring!

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