The new way to wear a knit cardigan makes you beautiful!

The moderately thick knit cardigan is just the need of every girl in this season. It can be worn as a jacket, or it can be used as a base, and it can also block the cold in early spring, not only keep warm, but also have great affinity. Knitted shirts have a lot of pieces, Don’t know how to wear them? In fact, every knitted cardigan that is pressed by the bottom of your box is an angel with wings. If you wear it well, you can still shine.

Stacked + blazer

If you are used to wearing a suit with a shirt or a pullover sweater, try changing a knit cardigan! It will greatly weaken the serious face of the suit and bring fashion to your workplace. The girls in the north, if the weather is too cold, you can put a high-necked bottoming shirt in the sweater. The effect of three overlapping wears is more visually rich and it is easy to display the matching skills.

Knitwear + fairy dress

The tuxedo and chiffon-like fairy dresses should be put on , remember to put on the boots and keep warm . At the same time, it is recommended to choose a medium-length sweater to wear and tie. A belt will make you look more confident .

Knitwear + pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is exquisite in craftsmanship, and the effect of wearing the upper body is more exquisite and durable. With a V-neck classic color cardigan, it is extremely elegant and feminine. It is very suitable for wearing out dating and shopping with girlfriends.

Knitwear + cropped trousers / flared pants

Just pull out an ordinary cardigan from the bottom of the cabinet. Just like this year’s popular cropped trousers or flared pants, the fashion sense can be brought back to life. If you give the cardigan a simple high-necked shirt, it will be more layered. The visual effect will be more abundant, and the fashion sense will simply increase the octave.


This year’s knitwear, in addition to the classic solid color system, it is recommended to start a fashion pattern, bright floral knit cardigan. At the same time, the patterns of natural ethnic style are also highly recommended! Try it now!

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