The summer of 2019 must be green, pick 4 kinds of green, go on the streets to earn a good return rate!

For the daily planting of this kind of thing, many fairies’ shopping carts are about to burst, thinking about which one to buy and buy first, and the green ones are very friendly to Huangpi.

Green, the color that people love and hate, if you cover it on a large area, your style may be – the mail box. But with a small green area to complete the shape, the effect is very gratifying! Now come to recommend a few more personalized green items, see which style your pick~

First, the green wrap shirt

Wrapped shirts have a role in shaping the body to avoid weaknesses. The deep V-neck can be used to reveal the delicate clavicle, and the drape and contour adjustment formed by the waist tightening make the waist slim.

The refreshing green weakens the maturity of the wrapped shirt, refreshing yet elegant, in addition to pure green, you can also choose this green shirt with a contrast print, more fresh and fresh.

Second, green tea break skirt

The tea dress that doesn’t take shape is the hot dress of this summer. The V-neck’s exquisite little sexy, high-waist slimming and optimized body proportion is its fiery capital.

The green tea break skirt is more comfortable and elegant. If your tea break skirt is too deep, try the white T, which is both layered and everyday.

Third, green sweatpants

Compared with other color sports pants, the green sports pants are more fresh and natural, and the relaxed comfort is completely unselected. The V-neck white shirt has a reflective effect, neutralizing the green calmness. I want you to look good.

Fourth, green A word skirt

A-line skirt can cover the width and leg shape (invisible = non-existent), large-area green skirt, slightly mismatched may look old, then you can choose this same color printed green skirt, rich The visual effect of the overall shape is not overly exaggerated.

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