There is a kind of “face value” belongs to the micro fat girl, three strokes to unlock the European and American style, and it is outstanding and outstanding.

The impression of European and American styles is handsome and charming, and the most representative is the Victorian models of Europe and the United States. Whether it is on the platform or in the daily life, they wear the charm of European and American styles. . However, compared with the sweet wind, the elegant style, often the European and American style is more attractive, and it is a bit difficult to control.

In the past, the beauty of the skin was once sought after by girls, but in terms of fashion trends, this thin and petite figure has already been exhausted. Now the slightly fat figure is liked by everyone, and the girl of this figure looks even more It is energetic and healthy, but it is a little hard to get to the European and American style.

For the micro fat girls, the fullness and femininity are their advantages, but they lack a sense of generosity. In fact, we don’t have to worry too much. As long as we find the shortcomings of the micro-fat girls and make correct corrections, the girls who are slightly fat can be as fashionable as the trendies in Europe and America.

Reduce the visual center of gravity of the upper body

The chubby girls tend to hoard some fat on their arms, so the obvious arms are thicker, which causes the shoulders to be wide. Some girls will choose relatively loose clothes to cover them. In fact, this method is not slim, but will enlarge Disadvantages, in fact, you can choose V-neck clothes, V-neck tops can be used to weaken the width of the shoulders through the skin, and at the same time can show a small face.

Wearing a V-neck top, it can reveal the skin of the front, which weakens the width of the shoulder and weakens the lateral width of the upper body. If the top is not painted, it will make the upper body look wide and thick, and the small sexy in Europe and America will be completely missing.

Weakening with dark color

The most obvious effect of the dark color is to visually give us a slim effect through different shades of color. The slightly fat girl can make the upper body more slim, and at the same time, the dark color can show the European and American style and be more individual.

Black clothing will have a shrinking effect, and it will be thin when worn on the body. The slightly fat girl wears black clothes and is very capable and neat. No matter how it is matched, it will be very temperament, which is very suitable for wearing European and American fans.

Extend the length of the legs with popular elements

Most chubby girls have some curved legs due to excess fat. If they wear tight-fitting bottoms, they will further expose the shortcomings of leg shape and thick legs. Therefore, we have to choose some trousers that can extend the leg line expansion. The lack of leg bending can be modified by wearing wide-leg pants, and the vertical stripes play the effect of extending the leg lines.

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