These fashionable and slim skirts, you want to buy a skirt, may wish to refer to it!

Polka dot dress

In fact, although the dot print is the most common fashion element in the 1950s, it is still popular, probably it is the classic white black wave point, or the color is more jumping. Color matching, such a harmonious combination will be deeply loved by fashionistas. Because such an element will look like you have a very dynamic summer girl’s sense of sensation, so that you can exude a sweet girlish sexy.

Two-tone printed dress

If you want to be a bright eye in this summer, then this style of large-scale prints should be one of the best choices for you to suck. This simple printing makes it easy to create a cool summer feeling, and at the same time it will bring us a visually stunning, so relatively small color is a kind of upgrade to the simplified version of the print.

Colored print dress

Usually, the colorful pattern of the printed dress can easily make you wear it. Xiaobian thinks that the best friends should choose the more fashionable and open-end points on the style, such as the sling and the ruffle The relatively fashionable style of shirt collar, tube top and shoulders, so that you can easily become the most beautiful girl on this street.

Chiffon dress

This translucent chiffon, or a silk-colored dress, should be one of the labels of the little friends in the summer, and it can be seen everywhere on the street. Coupled with the ruffled design of the girl’s cuffs on the cuffs, you can also help you age while covering the skin, and the clothes of these two materials are very suitable for wearing in the summer, because it is really cool. Ah.

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