This Item, Makes You More Fashionable

When it comes to accessory, there is one thing that is amazing. Even if your wear is boring, it can make you look stylish immediately.

Yes, it is scarves.
Missing the scarves? You really missed too much beauty.

Ins fashion blogger Jenny Walton is particularly good at it.
Using scarves to match the overall look, could add a lot of points. In fact, we can get some ideas in these three pictures: The color of the scarves echo the color of the clothes.

The headband and shoes on the left picture, the scarf and file pocket in the middle, the scarf and skirt on the right, are all in the same color, to make the overall look more subtle and refined.
This kind of matching can be used for reference~

Scarves can have a lot of matching ideas.
Blazer and V-neck inside, the silk scarf can be a good embellishment.
In fact, you can find that the color of these two scarves echo some part of the clothes, so that the whole look is harmonious and fashionable.

Beret, striped shirt with silk scarf
This look has some French style, in which the silk scarf has a great effect.

If your collocation skills are weak, then the basic blouse with scarf will help you. For example, a black T-shirt or a bottoming shirt with any color silk scarf will not go wrong, but will become a highlight of the whole look.

White shirt, also one of the choices with no difficulty to match, plus the silk scarves to make the look more chic.

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