Use Basic Items To Create A Stylish Look Right Away

Basic shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe. Do not miss it.
And fashionable classic jeans, no matter matched with what, can always show its fashion characteristics.

Therefore, today I want to introduce you the shirt + jeans, the basic items match, let your fashion style be easy to get. So now let’s take a look at these shirts + jeans!

Basic Items: Blue Denim Shirt + Blue Jeans

This outfit only uses one color for clothes, looks simple and stylish, and it can help to make your body proportion looks better.
Flare pants are designed to easily solve the problem of thick legs. Adding a stitching color design, which is not monotonous. Matched with high-heeled shoes on the feet and a red bag, the whole look is elegant and quiet eye-catching.

Blue & White, visually refreshing

The top is a white shirt. Everyone wears a shirt in the fall, so if you want to have a different style, you can choose to tie a knot at the waist. In this way will make you look more fashionable.

We can pick basic items like shirt and jeans in autumn. Blue jeans are suitable for daily life, casually and comfortable to wear. The cut-out design of the bottom of the trousers also adds fashion sense.

A short top with high waist pants make it easy to have a perfect body proportion.

Even it is a basic item, different ways of wearing can also bring a unique style.

For example, unbutton the shirt to form a v-neck, put it into the black jeans, then matched with black high heels, the outfit is sophisticated and elegant.

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