Valentine’s Day Perfect Couple Matching Couple Blogger On INS & Their Outfits (Ⅱ)


INS: @ eddie7744

Eddie, a male blogger on INS, likes to share his and his girlfriend’s daily couple matching outfits. It is said that his girlfriend will carefully observe the wear of him and then find a similar element which suits her to match her own outfit.

Maybe a lot of girls don’t have much require for their couples of the wearing, so it’s best to wear briefly and casually. Therefore, boys can directly copy this blogger’s look, the outfit is quiet easy: sportswear + sports shoes, simple and clean, and also seems to be trendy.

And the items have pop feeling of the street, will make people’s sense of youth be more obvious, boys also need to be energetic. Like the way Eddie usually loves to wear: a jacket with a shirt, it’s casual and more suitable for couples’ dating.

Boys are fond of wearing sports style, then hoodies will be a must-have.
Most people are unwilling to try bright colors, but it can save the bland look. So why not have a try on Valentine’s Day, wearing a couple of hoodies, it will appear that this boy is very care about this dating.

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