Valentine’s Day Perfect Couple Matching Couple Blogger On INS & Their Outfits (Ⅲ)


INS: @ bonpon511

The old Japanese couple who love couple matching, have personally announced to the world that your everyday will be Valentine’s day if you have a good lover. And they have never been separated since they met each other at school, have been with each other for 39 years.

Unlike other elder people always share food or travel photos on Ins. They especially like to show their couple matching outfits. Every day they spend some time on wearing a couple matching outfits, really add a lot of fun and warmth to life.

Their clothes are not expensive but comfortable, all of them are classic versatile items, the looks are quiet eye-catching and fashionable. All the details are full of love.

The old couple prefers stripe, plaid, solid and other elements. Simple and brief but not miss the sense of fashion. In fact, If you don’t know how to wear, the classic items will not go wrong.

They have been wearing couple matching outfits for nearly 40 years, and we still could get some inspiration from their wearing. Regardless of boys and girls, most people are suitable for these looks. With no need to spend too much time on matching, you can wear like these when you go to work or date.

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