Why other people’s suits are fashion, but yours is work clothes.

The suit jacket is moderately thick and is one of the items that are popular in early spring and have a high rate of appearance. If you have the habit of flipping through the street shooting, will you suddenly feel doubtful about life? The same is a suit item, why do you and the stylish upper body effect, is the difference between a capital buyer show and a seller show? Most likely you don’t get the correct way to open it.

As one of the commuter items, one of the attributes of the suit is the overalls. But in addition to formal occasions, small suits can also have a good fashion in casual scenes. How to get rid of the sense of tooling? Today, from the design, matching and other aspects, to analyze it.

1: Material selection

Suit fabrics should be familiar to everyone, crisp and restrained, in line with the requirements of commuting scenes. In order to stay away from the tooling as much as possible, we need to try fabrics of other materials. A very popular velvet suit in the past, modern and advanced, can be replaced with a thinner silk satin fabric in early spring, the same sense of gorgeous, looks very “rich” feeling.

In addition, chiffon, cotton and linen blazer is also good. On the one hand, the light and thin feel of the fabric itself can weaken the solemn atmosphere, on the other hand, it has its own casual temperament, just to get rid of the sense of tooling. Chiffon suits tend to be more celebrity temperament, while cotton and linen suits are more relaxed and casual.

2: Color selection

Although the black and white colors are classic, it is inevitable that there is a bit of tedium in the early spring, so let’s have some atmosphere of active colors. It is not recommended to choose a color with too high saturation and brightness. It is easy to have a frivolous feeling, and the skin color that is not very white is difficult to control. The Morandi color with a little gray tone is a very good choice. It is also very temperament and creates a sense of quality.

Even if you choose a bright suit, you should pay attention to the rules. Don’t take too light and too bright inside, the whole person is like a moving reflector, it is not enough texture. The sleek shape is smarter, that is, the choice of the color is similar to the inner lap, so that the overall more unified coordination, not easy to make mistakes, but also appears to be “very wearable.”

3: Style selection

The requirements of the commuter equipment are line convergence, tailoring and fitting, so the casual suit can be reversed, and the line with more tension and loose version is selected. A wide-shoulder suit, such as the popular two-year-old suit, creates a vintage old school style. And the straight-hand boyfriend wind suit that is necessary for the man, lazy and fashionable.

The suit is the easiest to use style, effortless to match, can also play a lot of creativity. In addition to the color sense suit, try a style with lines or prints to make it easier to color. In recent years, the suits with letter elements are more popular, the “golden style” of the whole body logo, or the street-style part of the local embellishment, are very eye-catching.

4: Modeling

Mixing is probably the most popular topic of fashion. Because the suit has a formal sense compared to other items, it can be combined with casual temperament pieces to create a strong fashion spark. For example, if you want to create a modern and avant-garde temperament, you can mix and match the more sturdy leather items. When bloggers and female stars attend the event, they love the style of this gas field.

As a representative of neutral temperament clothing, suits can also mix and match more feminine items, and play the popular “Niang Cool Balance Wind”. That is to say, there is a neutral wind, cool, and feminine and gentle, so that it is not too sweet, nor will it lose its true color. Suit jackets and small skirts of various styles can be combined with confidence.

In addition to the modern and the mother wind, street feeling is also a popular topic. Such as sporty pants, sneakers, and casual jeans, sweaters, etc., are the best choice for street mix. The “contrast” between casual items and formal wear will make the style easy and fun.

Even if you choose a solid color suit, it is not a place to play. It may become the crowning touch. For example, with the “old cadre turtleneck”, it is the current trend, a bit of abstinence and advanced. If you want to create even more stunning visual effects, the gorgeous and elegant Victorian shirts, or the sexy and sleek laces, will collide with the suits unexpectedly.

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