Winter Wear Color Guide (Ⅰ)

The impression of wearing is often a large area of ​​color, the so-called color matching. Different color systems will give people different feelings.

What kind of color matching can make us warm and trendy in the cold winter? I hope to give you inspiration for the color matching I share today.

1.Camel + Black

Elegant camel is especially suitable for most people.

Combine the calm and fierce black with the light and gentle camel color, which makes the overall look smart and capable. This combination is suitable for both fashionable commuting and holding formal occasions. It is suitable for girls who are in a neutral style.

2.Warm soft sand color + Beige

The soft sand color is delicate and warm, and always reminds you of the sun-filled beach, which is very suitable for the cold winter.

Beige is elegant and unassuming, the overall look looks comfortable and clean.

The warm sand color + beige combination exudes an innate sense of superiority.

3.Earth color + Olive green

The earth color comes with a sense of high quality, which is a very tolerant color. Suitable for anyone with any skin color and temperament.
Anyone can find a earth-colored single item that suits you.

And the versatile earth color with vibrant olive green, can bring a vibrant atmosphere to the bleak winter.

This kind of collocation has both a fresh and natural side, and it can also show mature and elegant. It is suitable for the cool girls who want street style, but also for the cold and elegant girls.

4.Caramel color + Dead leaf orange

The dead leaf orange is actually bright orange, which can help you look nice, and bring a bright to the gray winter.

If you think that the bright dead leaf color is garish, you can use a large area of ​​caramel color and a small area of ​​dead leaf orange to reduce the saturation of the overall look.

More color matching see next post.

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