Winter Wear Color Guide (Ⅱ)

5.Deep Green + Black

Black has great inclusiveness, can match with various colors.
And it looks elegant with dark green.

Long deep green coat with black bottoming shirt.
Create a calm and stylish look in minutes.

6.Caramel Color + Earth Color

The caramel color and the earth color are both warm colors and similar.
Paired together, like syrup and milk tea, it is harmonious, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling.

Generally, the inner and outer are selected to be deep and shallow.
This look is the inner chooses dark caramel color, and the jacket chooses a lighter earth color (camel), the overall look is free and easy.

7.Cherry Blossom Pink + Denim Blue

Light and fresh cherry blossom pink looks sweet, denim blue is quiet and cool, giving people a feeling of relaxation, quiet and pleasure.

These two colors are combined to make the look sweet and elegant, and also casual and comfortable.

8.Oats Color + Black

Oats Color is a combination of light camel, light gray and white.

Matched with black
Use a deep inner and shallow outer rules to create a minimalist and elegant style of dressing.

Make the whole look gentle and stylish.

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