Your Closet Needs These Two Dresses In Winter

  • Knit Dress

The first to introduce is the knit dress, which is definitely a beautiful and warm must-have in the winter. And the unique feeling of knitting can make you look very elegance.

One Piece like this is really convenient to wear when you have no time to match clothes.

Knit dress with coat can also create a perfect overlook, very stylish, also suitable for official occasions.

You can choose a short jacket to stretching the leg length visually, let the body proportion look perfect.

Brighten up your winter look with knit dress of bright colors.

If you are a little fat, the two-piece knit dress is even thinner.

It is recommended that the style of this pleated big hem dress, looks flowy and flatering

If you want to wear a fashionable look, you can pay attention on the design of the knit dress. For example, you can choose a knit dress with ruffled, slit, stripe, falbala or off-shoulder design. Help you be a fashion icon.

  • Print Dress

A floral printed dress can make you romantic and poetic.
The fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia loves it, and she create a variety of styles with floral print dress.

Different colors of printed dresses give different feelings:
Beige is elegant, pink is sweet, and black is vintage……
The blue print dress can be matched with a coat of base colors, decorate your winter with romance.

In addition to flower prints, you can also choose an abstract print that is more stylish and cool.

The hit color of the printed dress and the jacket makes the winter become fashionable and energetic, which is very eye-catching.

In fact, the printed skirt can be matched with various types of jackets, such as down jackets and suits, which can make you fashionable easily.

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